Month: April 2017

  • Driver Shortage
    Published April 2017

    FORS – tackling the driver shortage in logistics

    The driver shortage in the logistics industry has been a growing issue for a number of years. There has been a considerable lack of new drivers able to replace the growing number of people w…

  • Bus Inside
    Published April 2017

    Public transport has its own particular set of problems

    Exactly where does the onus of responsibility lie when dealing with disabled passengers? The ruling has in fact failed to provide clarity for either drivers or …

  • FORS
    Published April 2017

    Looking to a safer future with FORS

    In a recent interview with commercial vehicle hire specialist, Enterprise, FORS Business Services Manager, Paul Wilkes provided some insightful views on FORS’ plans for the future.…

  • Watching You
    Published April 2017

    Watching you, watching me

    Human witnesses are not usually very reliable in these cases. People are often so shocked by what they have seen that they can’t comprehend it External an…