Aspoeck’s success for installing solar cells in electric chiller vans

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Aspoeck systems, Europe’s largest manufacturer of commercial vehicle lighting systems, have always stood for innovation and quality in a marketplace where return on investment and maximisation of assets is critical. 

This philosophy has seen recent success, yet again, for the Austrian manufacturer this time though the integration of their market leading Solar cells into fully electric chiller vans. The cells, part of Aspoeck’s Fabrilcar range, come direct out of Canada.  

Working with Hireco, one of the leading commercial vehicle rental specialists throughout the UK and Ireland, the solution is currently service, ensuring maximum range potential in London’s low emission zone on ‘final mile’ delivery services.

The challenge

The challenge faced by any operator of EV’s (Electric Vehicles), is maximising the range of the vehicle. This, when coupled with a ‘chiller’ style operation drawing energy from the battery, is the perfect application for solar. 

“Range anxiety is a major concern for most fleet operators of electric vehicles” states Adam Mitchell, Aspoeck UK’s technical manager, “and this is where solar has an instant benefit, acting to mitigate the loss of range associated with additional energy consumers on the vehicle. This is the challenge we decided offered best return on investment”. 

 Lg GP FLEX 30

The Solution

Aspoeck’s solution to the problem was to utilise the dead space on the roof on the vehicle, installing panels and routing them to the 12v battery already installed in the vehicle. 100w solar panels, linked through a highly efficient controller direct to the existing battery bank ensures the system offer the maximum possible return on investment. 

“Our panels, despite being only 3mm thick, offer industry leading levels of energy conversion” says Mitchell, “and this is achieved by using cutting edge materials and technology and the knowhow to ensure they are utilised in the best possible way for our industry demands – Not to mention our climate conditions!”. Mitchell adds “our solar panels are deigned to offer a robust solution, with a fit and forget principle – no need for constant telematic monitoring or servicing – just install the panels and controllers and have the piece of mind you need !”

Proven Technology 

This development is just the latest in a long line of successful installations of the panels, everything from sea going Buoys, to trailer fridge battery backup, caravans to electric chiller vans, with over 200,000 panels installed globally, and a range of panels and chargers to suit any application, Aspoeck’s position at the forefront of the electrical revolution is assured. 

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