Camera enforcement of ‘red X’ signs on smart motorways

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Drivers who ignore ‘red X’ signs on smart motorways can be automatically handed a £100 fine under new legislation.

Smart motorways were first introduced in 2014, using technology and road layout changes to reduce congestion and ease traffic flow. Signals show a ‘red X’ when a lane is closed which mandates that drivers do not enter that lane. ‘Red X’ closed lanes are typically the result of a vehicle breakdown or the aftermath of a collision.

Prior to the new legislation which came into effect on 10 June, motorists who enter a closed lane could only be fined if they were caught disobeying the law by an officer. Now, police forces can use traffic cameras to enforce the offence.

In addition to having to pay a fine, drivers who fail to comply with the legislation will receive three penalty points on their licence.

For more information on how to drive safely when you see a ‘red X’ sign, click here.