Drivers who repeatedly sit with engines idling could face instant fines

Uk Drivers Insant Post

The Government is currently considering proposals to give local authorities more power to reduce the environmental impact of drivers who keep their engines idling whilst stationary.

Currently, local authorities are not able to impose penalties on drivers for unnecessary engine idling, unless drivers ignore an initial warning and remain stationary for at least an additional minute. Fines can range from £20 to £80 under existing regulations.

In an attempt to reduce carbon emissions caused by idling engines, potential plans will allow council officers to issue an instant fine, in cases of repeat offenders.

In a recent interview, Environment Secretary Michael Gove said that while instant fines are a solution to the problem of engine idling, it’s important to ensure any new power is used proportionately.

New guidance will be issued to mitigate any discrepancies in enforcement across the UK, with some councils expected to be more proactive than others.