The DVS Enforcement date will not be delayed again confirm TfL

Fastview 360

Fastview360 customers and prospective customers have been talking about Transport for London (TfL) delaying the Direct Vision Standard again due to the ongoing coronavirus pandemic and recent new lockdown measures.

To make sure we can correctly answer this common question, we asked TfL  directly.

“Having spoken to many customers over the last 2 months I am continually hearing how the enforcement is going to be postponed until later in the year because they are reading articles online that suggest it. Could you please confirm if there are any plans to postpone the enforcement again? As an industry provider of vehicle safety systems, I want to ensure the information I give out is accurate.” Tracey Stringfellow, Sales Manager, Fastview360.

TfL replied

“We’re aware of this industry chatter about postponement, and have received representations from trade bodies requesting it, but I can confirm definitively that DVS enforcement is going ahead on 1 March.” Dr Andrew Neather, Department of News and External Relations for Transport for London.

Dr Neather also confirmed TfL’s change of plans for the second part of the fine for the driver

Under the terms of the TRO were are allowed to issue a PCN of £550 to the operator/registered keeper and/or a £140 PCN to the driver (though in some instances they may be one and the same). However, we are for the moment only planning to issue the PCN to the operator, and this is the information on our website” Dr Andrew Neather, Department of News and External Relations for Transport for London.

This is information direct from TfL. The 1st March 2021 enforcement date is not going to be moved. You will be fined from this date and require to be issued with a permit from TfL to avoid these fines and to comply with the Direct Vision Standard.

Fines are a concern for the industry, however road safety is a concern for everyone. We need to act now to keep our road users and pedestrians safe.

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