Highways England revitalises 50-year-old bridge in Manchester


Highways England begins work on revitalising a 200-metre-long bridge in Manchester which carries the M60 over the River Mersey and Palatine Road near Didsbury.

To ensure the work can take place, Highways England is lifting the motorway by five millimetres. Bridge specialist Mabey Hire has been brought on to create temporary structures to support the motorway while repairs are carried out on the 15 concrete columns which hold the M60 bridge.

“The repairs will help keep the bridge safe for decades to come, so tens of thousands of drivers can continue to use it every day on a key route across the Mersey,” says project manager at Highways England, Mark Mosley.

Repairs on the bridge will be carried out in phases with all repairs due to be completed by 2023. Two of the columns on the bridge were repaired last year and work has now started on the next phase of the project involving the two columns at the east end of the bridge.