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MotorMax Forklift PR

Motormax has launched a pioneering Forklift Safety Solution –  a comprehensive range to improve the safety of forklift trucks using camera, audio and DVR technology. This exclusive range will be launched at this years Road Transport Expo – held 30th June – 2nd July at the NAEC, Stoneleigh, Warwickshire.

Every year in the UK 27 people are killed in forklift truck accidents and people are three times more likely to be killed at work in the transportation and storage sector. Accident statistics from Reporting of Injuries, Diseases and Dangerous Occurrences Regulations (RIDDOR) reveal over 1,500 injuries are caused by forklifts and other industrial vehicles every year and one in five workplace fatalities are caused by a forklift truck or industrial vehicle. This week marks National Forklift Safety Day – 14th June 2022. 


AHD Camera and Monitor 

A robust AHD camera is mounted to the rear of the vehicle, connected to a waterproof monitor in the cab. If a person is within three metres of the forklift truck, the camera will detect this and the monitor will show a red rectangle around that person (or people).

Audible and Visual Alerts 

If a person is detected, an audible and visual alert will trigger. We also offer an optional spoken alarm warning which repeats, “Caution! Pedestrian detected!”.

Live Digital Video Recorder (DVR)

Motormax offers live and non-live DVR capability, recording the camera footage to a hard drive for retrieval if and when required. Live DVR means fleet operators can view events in real-time via live software and export data to a spreadsheet to analyse. 

Daily checks via Live DVR

Fleet operators can ensure daily checks are being carried out by utilising the live DVR.  This will allow monitoring and reporting using live view software. The driver can test the forklift safety equipment daily via a ‘test mode’. A button will illuminate to confirm test mode is activated whilst the driver encircles the forklift to activate the camera sensors and audible alarm.

Optional Additional Cameras

The DVR supports up to four cameras. Additional cameras can be added to the forklift such as forward facing or driver facing cameras. Please ask our team for further details.

For further information please visit T: 0121 353 3663 or visit us on stand Q24 at the Expo