Motormax launch pioneering fleet safety solutions at 2022 Commercial Vehicle Show

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Visit Motormax on stand number 5F60 to see and experience our pioneering, industry-leading fleet safety solutions. This year’s CV Show sees the official launch of our exclusive solutions – Safetymax, Rapid Fit and our brand-new power distribution unit, Powermax. You can also experience our Live Platform / DVR. 

Safetymax – life saving alerts

Safetymax is an exclusive range of audible and visual warning safety systems designed and manufactured by Motormax. We use innovative technology to improve the safety of the UK’s largest fleets, the welfare of drivers and the surrounding public. Safetymax makes sure critical and potentially life-saving alerts are communicated clearly to drivers with timely warnings for them to act. We can programme up to nine tailored alert images and voice prompts to be displayed on screen. We bring together camera viewing combined with parking sensor technology to give drivers enhanced visibility whilst manoeuvring a vehicle. Our technology is designed to integrate with the vehicle with the appearance of a factory-fitted option.

Safetymax 360 Detection System

Our R&D team have developed an informative sensor detection system. It uses anywhere from four to sixteen ultrasonic sensors to provide drivers with a clear indication of obstacles around the vehicle below a predefined vehicle speed. A traffic light system at fixed points around the vehicle is displayed on screen allowing drivers to understand the display, remaining at a safe distance whilst manoeuvring.

Live Platform / DVR

From on-demand vehicle footage, live vehicle GPS, personalised notifications and reporting, our industry-leading platform has already helped hundreds of businesses improve safety, enhance the productivity and efficiency of their fleet.

As a “connected” vehicle via the live view DVR, Motormax can integrate any of the Safetymax triggers through to the report suite on the live software. This enables the operator to view events and footage from the warning system in real-time and view and export historical events.

Rapid Fit

Rapid Fit is a pioneering, innovative Plug and Play solution. Our exclusive design means we have created a professional and consistent installation process for alarm and lighting solutions, parking sensors, reverse cameras and sensor step extensions. Rapid Fit significantly reduces in-life visits to vehicles, improving the efficiency of fleets. 

Every installation from number one to number one hundred is the same, so this simplified process reduces margin for error. The installation method is also non-destructive so will not void the manufacturer warranty. All of our Rapid Fit wiring looms are manufactured in the UK which allows us to develop and produce solutions quickly to suit specific fleet requirements. 


With the growing number of electric vehicles on the road, Powermax is the ideal power distribution unit for electric vehicles. New for 2022, the programmable battery guard is a solid-state battery device. It monitors the source voltage, disconnecting equipment from the battery if the voltage falls below a predetermined level. This ensures that there is always sufficient voltage remaining in the battery to start a vehicle or to ensure power is available for other critical applications.

The unit can also be set to disconnect equipment at a lower voltage, ensuring the battery is protected from total discharge. The battery guard can also be timed which will automatically disconnect after a set period once the ignition has been switched off.

On our stand – seminar programme and refreshments 

As well as being able to experience our new products, we have a seminar programme running throughout each day. Come and join us to learn about our latest solutions and how we improved the safety of the UK’s largest fleets. Check our website for further exciting announcements at the end of March.