Recognising advancements in training delivery

innovative training solutions Recognising Advancements In Training Delivery

FORS has created some of the industry’s most innovative training solutions. However, at FORS we know we need to move with the times as training methods change, particularly with the introduction of Virtual Reality (VR) and drama-based multi-media.

Currently the only immersive training method recognised at FORS Silver is a practical on-cycle experience for HGV and Van drivers. This has been a long-standing discussion point at the Governance and Standards Advisory Group (GSAG) meetings and opinion has been divided on how to evolve this mandatory requirement to reflect the national reach of FORS, the diversity of fleet types and advancements in training methods.

To help address this divide, a Professional Development Working Group has been established to help develop and recommend workable solutions to FORS training issues as the scheme continues to expand across the UK and beyond. The group has proposed a series of options and recommendations to help determine:

  • What alternative immersive training (such as virtual reality) should be recognised by FORS, if any?
  • Which drivers should be eligible to undertake alternative immersive training?
  • How and when should the alternative immersive training be required by FORS?

Views on the options and recommendations are being sought across GSAG members and the final proposal will be decided on 24 October 2019.