A Partnership for Aerodynamic Fleet Sustainability


Sapphire Vehicle Services has been unveiled as the newest retrofit partner for Aerodyne, a leading provider of innovative aerodynamic solutions. In the pursuit of a greener future, fleet operators are increasingly turning to enhanced aerodynamics to reduce carbon emissions and enhance operational efficiency. Aerodyne’s solutions offer fleet operators the opportunity to achieve significant fuel and carbon efficiency improvements, with potential savings ranging from 3 to 10%. Sapphire Vehicle Services is well positioned in the market to support operators and respond to increasing demand to improving operational efficiencies.  Sapphire Vehicle Services has 13 strategically located depots throughout the UK & Ireland and has the facilities to retrofit such equipment on site.

One of the key challenges faced by fleet operators is the mismatch between existing aerodynamic designs and the diverse range of trailers used. While original equipment manufacturer (OEM) factory aerodynamics are typically optimised for trailers with a height of 4.0 meters, trailers in the UK often vary in height, reaching up to 5.0 meters. This discrepancy results in increased drag and fuel consumption. Aerodyne addresses this issue by offering bespoke aerodynamic solutions tailored to different trailer heights, including the innovative auto-adjust AEROMATIC systems. Additionally, installations of trailer aerodynamics can provide significant savings while solutions have been designed to mitigate the impact of operational damage.

Aerodyne Fitting

These solutions not only offer tangible benefits in terms of carbon reduction and return on investment but also present a unique opportunity for fleet operators to embrace sustainability while also cutting costs. With demonstrable carbon savings and a rapid ROI achievable within as little as 12 months, projects are proving to be a ‘no brainer’ and one of the vital elements in building towards net zero.

While many fleet operators are incorporating Aerodyne’s solutions at the point of vehicle build, the partnership with Sapphire marks a significant milestone in extending these benefits to existing fleet vehicles. Together, we are embarking on a nationwide retrofitting initiative aimed at through a network of 13 Vehicle Maintenance Units (VMUs) strategically located across the UK. Sapphire’s expertise ensures seamless project management, minimising disruptions to daily operations, and maximising the impact of retrofitting efforts.

By joining forces, Aerodyne and Sapphire are not only championing sustainability but also revolutionising the impact of optimising aerodynamics considered as ‘low hanging fruit’ in the net zero journey. Together, we are paving the way towards a more eco-friendly and efficient future for the transportation industry.